Thursday, October 28, 2010


From the time I hit puberty, I have had to defend my age. I have always looked younger than I am. By the time I hit high school, people couldn't tell who was older - me, at 16, or my sister, at age 12. When you're 20, it's insulting to be asked what high school you go to. As an adult, I've answered the phone and been asked if my mother or father were home.

My biggest fear about all this has always been that one day, my looks would catch up and when I'm finally old enough to want to look younger, I'll actually look my age, or worse, older.

Well. Yesterday put my fears to rest. At least for now.

Here's the scene:

While going about my business baking homemade bread and sewing my own clothes, (or maybe I was eating chocolate),my door bell rings.

I answer to a young salesman at my door.

"Good afternoon. Is your mom or dad home?"


viclynn said...

Misty, you crack me up! Enjoy looking young cause one day you will look like me. SCARY thought. Love Mom

Michelle Davis said...

Ha ha! That's crazy to still get asked that in your 30's. At least it's a good excuse to get him to leave- "No, no she's not. Sorry."

Lindsay said...

And here I am jumping for joy if someone guesses I'm still in my 20's! You suck!!!!!

StephNyd said...

Sweet! Love it. :) I'm on the same boat as you. I will learn to appreciate it one day though. I will say... I have an acquaintance that is only 1 1/2 years older than me and she has told me..."You are still so young. You are such a young buck. I wish I were that young." This person has said this to me multiple times. Bugs the crap out of me. day I will want to look younger than I am day. :)

fauxy said...

I think that's awesome! I say enjoy it!